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I'm HuiZiHao, nine years old this year, in the north pond experimental primary school. I am a little handsome boy, I had a jet-black hair, thick eyebrows little twinkle in length of a pair of big eyes, a round head, it seems looking dignified and strong.

I do things a little careless, there is a language examination, I forget to do add a punctuation topic, exams down after I see eight points are lost, the math test I consider 180 by 3 times 3 results in 54, then change it...

…… 此处隐藏465字 ……

I was the class monitor, learning committee member, Chinese representatives, Chinese leader...

I used to get “miyoshi students”, “ancient special gold award”, “excellent tabloid”, “young LeiFengShi virtue”, “outstanding student cadres”... I once participated in school activities, all chess contest...

Hope you enjoy the love flowers and I love to write also like reading friends!


Hello everyone,my name is **.I come from china,my haoppies is play football,ketball.And i also like swimming.I am very outgoging.I am easy to get along with others very much.I hope that i can make friends with everyone.



Hello!everyone.My name is Zhijingyouer.I'm a girl.My English name is Sandy.I am 15 years old.I am study in No.1 middle school.I am in Class four Grade eight.My favorite sport is table tennis.My favorite fruit is watermelon.My favorite color is yellow and blue.Beef is my favorite food.I like watching TV、playing computer games and flying kites.I have a big head and short nose and mouse.I'm tall.But I'm very thin.I want to be an astronaut in the future.

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